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Bluewolf, an IBM Company, is a global consulting agency and proven Salesforce strategic partner that builds digital solutions designed to create results.


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Current Employee - Senior Consultant says

"The biggest con is that during the transition and troubled times, leadership has become more of a dictatorial style of leadership vs. empowering business units and teams to self organize and work towards a common goal. In turn, this has caused those with power to act like despots, often throwing around the expressions, "it could get you exposure to leadership." and "some people would just be happy to have a job." when asking junior employees to "volunteer" to help on their pet projects. The next con, transparency. There is little to no transparency on anything other than, if you are billable, you must submit a time sheet with 40 hours every week or else you end up on a list. Given the above, it is the only real way to get the attention of leadership. The lack of transparency has broken down trust, which has lead to a breakdown of any resemblance of an actual organization. Who's in charge - not clear What are our goals - unknown How do you get promoted - apply elsewhere Like before mentioned the only known it submit a time sheet that adds up to 40. That and, "someone is working on it." Finally, would say the long term outlook is not positive, because they have managed to cripple upward momentum and mobility. Employees are given false promises that if they do XYZ they can move into another position or be promoted. Only, at the end of that process to be told there is a "freeze" for that role or opportunity. Then 6 months later they announce an "exciting new hire" for that role. Who, ultimately is more of the same mentioned above. Incompetence breeds incompetence! As long as you submit 40 hours on that time sheet, would recommend any additional time be used to look for opportunities elsewhere. Which is unfortunate, because at IBM there are thousands of opportunities, yet no one really knows how to transition into those positions. Everyday is like living a Greek Tragedy. And the issues are not related to COVID, these issues were there before COVID, though now they have a scapegoat."

Former Employee - Senior Consultant says

"Where to begin... there are so many things that were bad that I have to make a list. - The day I started, I was told that the job I interviewed for no longer existed. - I was told that bonuses were no longer paid - a key factor in taking the position (no one told me this, I had to find that out myself). - When interviewing, I was told travel would be max 35-40%, 3 months in I was told that I was expected to travel 80-100% (an impossibility for someone with a family) - You were directed to upskill and learn new SF clouds, but were also told that if you didn't have hands on experience with a cloud you would not be chosen for a project... uh, how are you supposed to get experience - take a side job? - No local management - everything was project based and your career manager was likely in a different time zone. There was no cohesiveness. I actually never met my manager and project manager 3 or 4 times. - Very young workforce - I don't have a problem with young skilled people, but with no business experience there was no one to give advice. Aside from 2 sales people, the average age in my office was 24. For most people it was their first job. - HIGH turnover, within 2 months of my start date, every single person I interviewed with had left the company. Literally, not a week went by without another person leaving. - You are a number - Chat bots and pre-recorded videos are your career development sources. I've worked at many different companies, and Bluewolf was by far was the worst organization I've worked at. I actually feel bad for the people who's first job was at Bluewolf, they have no idea how bad the environment is. DO NOT TAKE A JOB HERE!!!!"

Current Employee - Architect says

"As the experienced folks have left, people less than a year out of college are becoming managers and leading projects. They are talented but lack the experience and guidance to succeed. It is unfair to them and the clients to staff people several levels above their ability. The old Bluewolf value of work/life balance is gone as heavy travel on your own time is the norm and you have to find your next project without any help. There is no communication on the criteria used to measure performance which is okay because there are no raises or bonuses given for you unmeasured performance."

Former Employee - Operations says

"Bluewolf is Dead. The Bluewolf that I joined- the one that consisted of kind, smart, bold, interesting, caring people, of PRIME trips to fun destinations, of work/life balance, of women in half of all leadership positions, of profit sharing and sabbaticals, is dead. The ‘Don’t Break Bluewolf’ chants have finally subsided, and only about 5 of 40 key community leaders/managers/executives across the company remain. (And they’re on their way out as well, I know because we've talked openly about it on calls.) IBM took away literally everything that made Bluewolf great and then seemed genuinely surprised at the collapse of the company. In one week of September 2019, 6/7 of our executive team quit, including Eric, our CEO. Three of them were literally the first three employees of Bluewolf- people who spent the past 19 YEARS building this company. If that doesn’t give you confidence about IBM, I don’t know what will. Since their departure, the company has been in utter freefall. One would think that IBM, a company that has acquired hundreds of companies in its time, would know to do succession planning. Did they? No. Instead they pulled what seems like random execs from across IBM to fill the holes. Unfortunately none of these execs speak to each other and wouldn’t dream of actually pulling their heads out of the clouds to speak to the front line (nor do they know Salesforce…). With a lack of direction, communication, respect, and empathy from leadership, our best Bluewolfers started jumping ship. The people that made the culture at Bluewolf so inclusive and wonderful, the people that our clients loved, went to companies that wouldn’t force them to fly down to Argentina for 2 week, 60hr/week sprints for months when they have three toddlers in Louisville. As key talent left, those that remained had to take on more work. They were shuffled from red project to red project in an attempt to bandage the gaping wounds. Quality dropped. Deadlines were missed. Entire project teams quit and had to be other project teams..that also quit. And throughout this max exodus, hiring remained frozen by IBM. Everyone who remains at the company is drowning. It’s a full month into 2020 and no company goals have been set/communicated for the year. The first All Hands Call isn’t until the end of February. There are literally not enough people remaining to properly staff projects. The sky is still falling. I watched the best place I've ever worked turn into the worst in 2 years. It honestly has been one of the saddest and most frustrating experiences I’ve ever gone through. Please do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. You deserve more."

Former Employee - Consultant says

"-Pass the buck mentality with bureaucracy at every corner -Cratered collaboration -Lack of emotional intelligence from IBM managers -No commitment to executive initiatives -Incomplete career progression -Unrealistic sales goals -Low salaries with no incentive path to quickly increase"

Former Employee - Consultant says

"Poor delivery management and they are drunk with diversity. Really not many pros anymore. Bluewolf has lost its identity and is not the same company by any stretch of the imagination, as they were before IBM bought them. During my time there the majority of projects were red and most of the consultants were all stressed out. Many had left or were in the process of leaving. The integration between IBM and Bluewolf was not handled properly. Leadership is very poor. There is a culture of blame that likes to go around. Shortly after i resigned, I got an invoice. from IBM that I owed them money because apparently they paid me a 1/2 day too much in my final check!"

Former Employee - Client Advisor says

"Lower than market value base pay Terrible leadership in sales. IBM acquisition Clown for a manager. Rude, condescending, not even worth going into. If you're considering this place for a sales career, don't even think about it. Run. Fast."

Former Employee - Solutions Architect says

"Echo strongly the review posted on Feb 8th. The office managers and support teams were cut. Impact is that - instead of a go-to person for HR, benefits etc - there is a different phone number and queue for essentially the same quality of benefits (if not worse- as was the case for immigration support). Selling projects are less about an approach that drives towards client and team success and more about working back from a number and throwing whatever titles and hours are available. The BW PMO office was cut so no one is even attempting the once rigorous PACE reviews that protected resources from hell-holes of projects. IBM PMO is focused on pleasing clients and instead of supporting resources - not realizing that doing the latter empowers resources to take care of clients. The PMO resources on the project are tied up with all kinds of bureaucratic procedures and financial forecasting - leaving actual project management/ stakeholder management up to technical resources. The tearing into pieces of a model / culture that both made money and provided incredible employee experiences is truly tragic to watch."

Staff (Current Employee) says

"Although some absolutely great people are hired, I feel that just about all have or will go unrecognized when it comes time to promote or reward. Some are under employment contracts and I have just seen the document disregarded. Warning do not approach without caution."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Very difficult environment. No matter how hard you try or what you do the first mistake you make is made to act like it is then end of the world. Only care about client and cash and will sell out their employees at the drop of a hat If you don't buy into the BS you are immediately a problem They say they care about their people but they really don't Emotional roller coaster. Working here will take a toll on you.Recently purchased by IBMDiffcult work environment. Constant criticism. Highly political environment"

Director of User Experience (Current Employee) says

"I don't want to speak bad about a company, but they are not passionate about their employees, a lot of nepotism, and not real support or room to grow otherwise they label you "insubordinate" I also haven't received a raise since I've been there for 3 years and not only did I create a practice from nothing, but some of my stuff won awards. I've been on Medical leave because of the burnout they caused.Free computer and other offices supplies you want.Poor pay, lack of resources, ignoring employees of how to improve."

Account Director (Former Employee) says

"UnethicalLies to clients and candidates alikeMICROMANAGING--Look over every single email before you send it to client and you have to bcc every single manager on each email.All of management is extremely fake.I came in earlier this year with 12 people in my training class. Within 6 months there was only 2 people left.good short term cashhigh turnover, no training, no stability, no human resources, no guidelines"

Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Bluewolf was a great company to work for until IBM came in and ruined many of the great aspects of the business. Expect to work weekends and long hours past midnight."

Global Expense Lead (Current Employee) says

"A great amount of people use this company as the starting point to gain experience and then leave when they the time is right. Salaries are below market value and work hours are insane."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"lots of changes going on due to IBM finally taking over operations. expense reports cancelled, legitimate expenses denied, travel expenses cancelled. Bluewolf cares about Bluewolf, which is IBM. Employees are a cog in the wheel there."

Account Director (Former Employee) says

"New office, Many growing pains..Young and fun environmentEasy to be sold by the benefits and the environment, not the job itself.Learned that BW is a great stepping stone..they have a training program, which was great, having come straight out of real work/life balance, over worked frequestly.."